What Drives a Bingo Player ?

What Drives a Bingo Player ?

Anyone who has never played bingo might wonder what it is that drives a Bingo player to keep coming back. That is a good and valid question, however, if you have never played, it is hard to explain. There is so much more to bingo than the simple game would lead you to believe.

Of course the money that can be won is something that makes a Bingo player want to keep playing. It is exciting. For the small investment to get into the game, you have the chance of winning a lot more money than you spent. Once a person does win, the excitement and fun just multiplies.

The possibility of winning the jackpot is one driving force for a Bingo player. Each night that you play, you have the chance of being a winner. The odds are much better playing bingo than many other games of chance. You see people all around you winning, so you know it is possible, you also know that you have just as good of a chance being the winning Bingo player as anyone else has. This in itself is enough to keep a Bingo player coming back to play week after week at their favorite spot, either in their own town or online.

Another attraction for the Bingo player is the friendships that are made. Whether in a physical location or online, friendships are formed. The shared experience of enjoying this game is what begins the bonds that are made, but over time they go much deeper. A Bingo player will share laughs as they work to fill their cards, they also share worries, fears and triumphs. They cheer for each other when one shouts bingo. They also commiserate with each other when a one was so close but missed bingo by one number.

A Bingo player will also enjoy the ease of playing the game. Bingo is an easy to learn game. Even a beginner will not feel overwhelmed. It is also a game that grows with your skill level. It is also fast paced enough to keep a player from getting bored. This is a game that anyone everyone can join in on, understand the rules and play the game. It is also a game where the first time player can come in and win, just as easily as the more experienced person who has been playing for years. You will often find mothers and daughters playing together, or even grandmothers, their daughters and granddaughters all playing together. It is a game that can bring generations together to play.

Finally, it is fun. You can have a great time with friends, or by yourself. Playing bingo is a good break from the every day stresses in life. While you are playing all you are thinking about is listening to the caller and filling your card. You are not worried about all of the day to day things that beat you down. For that short amount of time while you are playing, you are carefree, happy and having a great time. Each bingo player will have their own special reasons for coming back and for many it is a combination of two or more that drives them to be a Bingo player.

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