Frequently Asked Questions?


Q. Why is bingo so popular?

Ans: There is no doubt that Bingo remains amongst the most famous games across the world. The main reason for its popularity is that it is a fun game to play. The key reason is that it is also a social game and friends family can play together.


Q. How do you make bingo fun?

Ans: If you have been bored of playing the traditional bingo game, add extra energy with adding some interesting twists the next time you play. Instead of bingo in which the players must fill 5 squares of a row, you can make board covering rules differently.


Q. How can I increase my chances of winning bingo?

Ans: You can't find a sure way of winning a game of Bingo but you can surely enhance your winning probability. The best tip for increasing the chance of you winning a game of Bingo is by staying alert. In case you miss out on the number you will not win.


Q. How do you play bonanza bingo?

Ans: Before the beginning of your normal game session, call out 48 numbers and then post them on the Bonanza Bingo flashboard. Then you can continue with your regular gameplay. Then sell the Bonanza Bingo cards before the last game to be played. The jackpot prize will be won by a player that has coverall win.


Q. How do you win at bingo?

Ans: You win in bingo when you are able to get the full house in the game in a certain number of ball calls. These numbers have been specified for each of the jackpots. There are some tips and tricks but having some experience fist surely helps.


Q. How do you win the jackpot in Bingo?

Ans: For winning you need to get a full house in the game of bingo. This needs to be done in specified ball calls or lesser and you will get the notification for winning. You will then be able to seed the amount of jackpot one the game screen.


Q. How does a bingo slot machine work?

Ans: The bingo slot machines are also called as Class two. When you are playing a game with other players the BINGO numbers are called out by the computer. As per the pattern on your bingo card you are able to win.


Q. How long does a typical bingo game last?

Ans: Normally an average game of bingo lasts for around ten minutes. And this is a part of the number of bingo games that you play in one session. Although it can take a long time as people usually like to chat or have a meal during the game with friends.


Q. ow many bingo combinations are there?

Ans: Each bingo card has five rows and the same number of columns. The name of the columns is B, I, N, G, O.  Every column has about 15 numbers that can be selected from. B- 1 to 15, I- 16 to 30, N- 31 to 45 and it is taken forward in a similar manner.


Q. How many numbers do you need for bingo?

Ans: If you are playing an 80 ball game, usually there are 16 numbers that represent one in five of the total number of balls in the game. And in a bingo game of 75 balls, there is a 5*5 grid and has a central square that is generally given free, this leaves you with 24 numbers for playing.


Q. How much does it cost to play bingo?

Ans: The cost of playing Bingo can go as small as $ 20. Then the additional costs might be there as per the number of cards you buy once you get comfortable with playing the game. The process can vary as per the website you are playing on, session and day.


Q. Is Bingo a gamble?

Ans: Certain communities often organize the game for some special purposes. However, bingo is considered as a game of gamble. Major reason being, you are asked for a fee for joining the game and if you win you win prizes just like the other gamble games.


Q. Is there a trick to winning bingo?

Ans: You might be able to find some of the different theories online for winning bingo. But in reality, there is no sure way of winning a game. The tips and tricks can surely improve your winning chances but it cannot guarantee you a win and is a probability game.


Q. What are the different types of bingo games?

Ans: The 90 ball game of Bingo is the most traditional kind and is played from numbers 1 to 90. Apart from this, there are many fun variations like Speed Bingo, Deal or no deal bingo, 75 ball bingo and lucky number bingo as well.


Q. What are the rules of bingo?

Ans: The game of bingo is very simple. You can win three prizes, for 1 line 2 line and the final full house also called BINGO. As numbers get announced you start covering them and shout BINGO when you cover any of the above three prizes.


Q. What color are bingo balls?

Ans: The bingo balls are numbered from 1 to 75 usually and they are six-sided. These come in five colors, yellow, white, red, green and blue. The numbers are printed towards the inside of the balls, so they don't wear out too quickly and fun to play.


Q. What do you shout when you win bingo?

Ans: As soon as you cover the 1 line, 2 lines or the full house on the BINGO ticket that has been given to you. You are supposed to shout bingo and get the attention of the person calling the numbers for receiving the prize.


Q. What does house mean in bingo?

Ans: When you get the ticket for a standard game of BINGO there are normally three prices that one can win. For completion of every line, one prize is won. This results in a house/bingo or full house and the person is the overall winner.


Q. What is a four corner bingo?

Ans: One of the famous four corners in bingo means that you have to fill up the four corners on the bingo card that you have. This means that you will have to be the first person for striking off the numbers that come in space B1, O1, B5, and O5.


Q. What is a six pack in bingo?

Ans: It is a kind of paper pack that will allow the players for playing for three or more different prizes in one time. This means six or nine numbers in one block and on one card.  This is known as the six-pack in bingo.


Q. What is blackout bingo?

Ans: As per Blackout Bingo that is a slight fun variation to the blackout bingo one has to cover all of the spots present on the card for winning the game. This is opposite to the traditional way of playing for horizontal, diagonal and vertical line completion.


Q. What is electronic bingo?

Ans: It is a general term that is used for covering the play of a bingo game in a conventional manner, but not with the normal bingo tickets of paper. Instead of it, some electronic device is used for recording the numbers by players as its called on an electronic bingo card.


Q. What is the probability of winning bingo?

Winning bingo probability depends on total players playing at a time. The first rule is that you can buy a number of cards. This improves your odds for winning the game. This is very basic and the best way of increasing your probability of winning the game.


Q. What's a diamond in bingo?

Ans: There are different kinds of patterns that form on a BINGO card of the game. The diamond in bingo is a type of pattern that is shaped in diamond and has a square of each side in the bingo card that forms the point of diamond pattern.


Q. What's the difference between Bingo and Tombola?

Ans: As per the dictionary, Bingo is the game in which numbers are drawn and the person wins after the grids get completed by shouting house or Bingo. In tombola, the game can be seen as a lottery in which numbers are taken out from a revolving drum.


Q. What’s the highest number in bingo?

Ans: In a usual game of bingo, the numbers are from 1 to 75. Seventy-five is the highest number in the game. The five columns are named as BINGO from the left side towards the right. The center is marked as free space and is considered to be filled automatically.


Q. Where We can Find Bingo Game Online?

Ans: There is a number of websites that you can find online for quickly playing a game of Bingo. It is highly recommended that you go for a website that is reputed and famous for not getting caught in any kind of fraud or cheating while enjoying a good game.


Q. Why is bingo so popular?

There is no doubt that Bingo remains amongst the most famous games across the world. The main reason for its popularity is that it is a fun game to play. The key reason is that it is also a social game and friends family can play together.



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