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Terms & Conditions


Every visitor of onlinebingodeals.net is governed by Terms & Conditions mentioned on this page. By using our website, mobile site you agree with our terms and conditions, accept it and will abide with it in every situation. Terms and conditions mentioned below are subject to change time to time and visitors are expected to keep themselves updated with these T&Cs.


  • Onlinebingodeals.net has been created for primary purpose of providing information on various online bingo sites that offer their respective games and incentives. We conduct research and analysis and thereafter write our reviews to enable players to compare various sites and their offers.
  • We provide latest offers and reviews, however, we do not warrant the accuracy of content regarding promotional offers simply because the offers are dynamic and they keep changing without prior notice.
  • Once you select a specific operator to play your favorite games, you shall be directed to the respective operator web site. From there on, we shall not be able to provide customer service and support with respect to all matters pertaining to offers, games, incentives related to the operator website.
  • We do not hold copyrights of any brands reviewed and promoted through oninebingodeals.net. All such brands, logos and images are the property of the respective operator websites.
  • onlinebingodeals.net is basically an information provider. We are not responsible for losses that you may incur while playing at the site(s) selected by yourself.Operator websites, between the time of offer of special contests and the time you start playing with that site, may change the contests or completely remove that particular game and/or matches/contests.
  • You shall use the operator website solely at your own risk and you shall take full responsibility for verifying the accuracy of the information provided by us before you accept third party offers.
  • While using all third party websites, you understand and assume responsibility against risks arising from hacking and virus while downloading their content on your computer.


Responsible Gaming:


  • It is illegal to play online bingo and slots and all other such games if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Please be aware of the risks that may be linked to pay to play on all third party websites.
  • It is always advisable to allocate a certain amount of time to play online bingo so that you have time allocated for other activities during the day/night.
  • If you are finding it hard to stay away from gambling, you may be getting addicted.
  • Please be aware of your spending and it is a good habit to set aside a certain amount of funds for this purpose rather than keeping it open ended.
  • Borrowing money, gambling more to recover losses, hiding your playing habit from friends and family, neglecting your work and family, feeling of depressions and anxiety are all signs of addiction. Please refrain from excessive indulgence and play for the primary purpose of entertainment.




The content provided on onlinebingodeals.net is solely created to give its visitors information on third party operator websites with regards to their respective online bingo games and related offers and incentives. We disclaim any liability in connection to the use of such information.

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